Welcome to FreeNFS! 

FreeNFS is a Network File Server for Microsoft Window XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. It is currently a 32 bit application that runs in your taskbar, it has a minimal memory footprint, and connects to the li/unix world simply.

Basic Facts about FreeNFS

Supports NFS Version 2 & 3

RFC 1833: Binding Protocols for ONC RPC Version 2
RFC 1831: Remote Procedure Call Protocol Specification Version 2
RFC 1813: NFS Version 3 Protocol Specification
RFC 1014: External Data Representation Standard

Connects via UDP or TCP/IP

32 bit, so it works with Windows 7 and 8!

What's New!

Released FreeNFSE for Windows XP and above.  Intended for linux embedded systems clients.
Uses windows hidden attribute to allow embedded systems to execute from Windows FreeNFSE storage share.

Currently working on the menu system, adding a number of options, for those who like to see what it is doing and tweaking around with things.

Commenting out the source code, so anyone can read and understand what it is doing.

The plan over the next few months is to add the following (your more than welcome to request more features).

1. Windows shell integration (while the server is running) for adding/removing shares.
2. Creating 3 flavors - 32 bit & 64 bit x86, and as a service (with command lines switches for both).
3. NFS version 4.0, 4.1, and web nsf support.
4. NFS client for browsing other NFS mounts.

Contact the Author (For Help or To Help)

Please use the WIKI for help and support first, and if that doesn't help then, You can contact me either here at sourceforge, or at larry.e.smith@gmail.com.

This website and the documentation is Copyright 2012, Lawrence E. Smith All Rights Reservered.  The FreeNFS software is itself, in the Public Domain.